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- Calendar Season and New Network Cables

January 23rd 2019

Dear Friends, We wish you a blessed New Year! You can now download and read our [1]January Prayerletter. It is not attached. Please click on the link to download it. God bless! Frederick for Marlies [1] https://henderson-meier.org/us_prayerletters/2019-01-Henderson_Prayerletter.pdf ...Continue Reading

Henderson Update English Regret, New Cables, and Celebration Time

September 14th 2018

Dear Friends, You can now download and read our [1]September Prayerletter. It is not attached. God bless! Frederick [1] https://henderson-meier.org/us_prayerletters/2018-09-Henderson_Prayerletter.pdf ...Continue Reading

- Action Needed by You to continue receiving our Updates!

May 26th 2018

Dear Friends, If you are on any other email list we are sure that you may have recently received emails from other email lists that they are updating their privacy policies and need to get explicit consent so that you continue to receive emails from their list. Why are we doing this? Different email list owners are doing slightly different things to comply with the new European law. These depend on their lawyer's recomendations and how consent has been handled in the past. We have peopl ...Continue Reading

- Prayer letters are not attached but linked

April 26th 2018

[Henderson Update English] - Prayer letters are not attached but linked Dear Friends! After sending out our last prayer letter I recieve an email from someone on the email list. They informed me that the prayer letter was not attached and they were correct. We do not attach prayerletters to the emails we send out. Instead we include a link to them were you can download them. After receiving this email I looked back at the statistics for the email list. I saw that the number of people ope ...Continue Reading

- Passing the baton

April 23rd 2018

[Henderson Update English] - Passing the baton Dear Friends! I trust that this finds you well. In this [1]prayer letter you can read about the "passing of the baton" at MEOS as we welcome Niklaus Meier as the new director. God Bless! Frederick --------------------------------------------------------------------- [message_body] [1] https://henderson-meier.org/us_prayerletters/2018-04-Henderson_Prayerletter.pdf ...Continue Reading

- Who asks you for directions?

February 12th 2018

[Henderson Update English] - Who asks you for directions? Dear Friends, Who asks you for directions? I share some thought about this question in our [1]February 2018 prayer letter. There is also information about my up coming US furlough this year! God Bless! Frederick Henderson [message_body] [1] http://henderson-meier.org/us_prayerletters/2018-02-Henderson_Prayerletter.pdf ...Continue Reading

- Refugees in Switzerland & Everyone needs some PerspektivA

August 23rd 2017

[Henderson Update English] - Refugees in Switzerland & Everyone needs some PerspektivA Dear Friends! My how the summer has flown by. We had exceptionally good weather for the garden and our pumpkins have started to take over the yard! At work, the new German language [1]meos.ch website is online. Read more in our [2]2017 August prayer letter. Greetings from Switzerland and God's richest blessings! Frederick [message_body] [1] https://meos.ch/de/ [2] http://hende ...Continue Reading

- Being a Sower & German Party

April 25th 2017

[Henderson Update English] - Being a Sower & German Party Hi Friends! You can read about being a Sower and what a German Party is in our [1]latest prayer letter. Thanks again for your interest and participation in our ministry! Frederick [message_body] [1] http://henderson-meier.org/us_prayerletters/2017-04-Henderson_Prayerletter.pdf ...Continue Reading

- We are afraid of what we do not know!

September 16th 2016

[Henderson Update English] - We are afraid of what we do not know! Dear Friends! The unknown can be a scary place in our thoughts. You can now download and read our [1]September 2016 prayer letter with more thoughts on that topic. If you would like to hear a radio interview with David Shenk who spoke at the L2M conference you can do so at the following [2]link. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the audio player. While there you can also read more about his books. If ...Continue Reading

- December 2015 Prayer Letter

December 22nd 2015

[Henderson Update English] - December 2015 Prayer Letter Dear Friends! You can now download and read our [1]December 2015 prayer letter. If you did not receive a [2]prayer card while I was on furlough in the US or you do not receive one with the print version of this prayer letter (should be out in a few days) you can email me and I will have one mailed to you. Be sure to include your mailing address in your email. You can also see the [3]prayer card here. Merry Christmas fr ...Continue Reading

- June Prayer Letter

June 6th 2015

[Henderson Update English] - June Prayer Letter Dear Friends! Earlier this week I wrote a prayer letter which is on the way to those of you that receive it by mail. On Thursday I flew to the USA and will be here for the next 2 months. I am looking forward to seeing many of you during this time. I have a cellphone that you can reach me at during my stay in the USA. My number is 1 (724) 762-0915. You can download our [1]June prayer letter here. God Bless! Frederick [message_bod ...Continue Reading

- March 2015 Prayerletter

March 11th 2015

[Henderson Update English] - March 2015 Prayerletter Hi All! I trust that you are well. Here in the northern hemisphere, in Switzerland, spring is trying to melt the remnants of the snow. This year we have 25 and 20 year anniversaries to celebrate and a US furlough in the planning stages. Read more about these in our[1] latest prayer letter that you can [2]download here. God bless you! Frederick for the Hendersons [message_body] [1] http://henderson-meier.org/us_prayerlet ...Continue Reading

- What do you box up?

December 12th 2014

[Henderson Update English] - What do you box up? Dear Friends, 2014 has sped by, Christmas is around the corner and 2015 is on the way. We thank God for another year! At this time of year we box up presents but do we box up people too? Check out the devotional thought in our latest prayer letter. [1]Henderson English Prayer Letter December 2014 Thank you for being a part of our missions work in 2014! Merry Christmas and God's richest blessings in the New Year, 2015! Frederick for ...Continue Reading

- Henderson September 2104

September 22nd 2014

Hi All! I trust that this finds you well. As summer comes to a close and we swing into autum, I trust that your year is going well. Drop us and email and let us know what is up with you. You can download our [1]September 2014 prayer to read about what is up with us and see the Swiss mountains! God Bless! Frederick --------------------------------------------------------------------- [1] http://henderson-meier.org/us_prayerletters/2014-09-Henderson_Prayerletter.pdf ...Continue Reading

- Henderson June 2104 Prayer letter

June 12th 2014

Hi Friends! Summer has arrived here in Switzerland and we have had some very warm days. Our latest prayer letter is at the printers now and will be on the way to you soon. You can download a PDF of it [1]here. Thanks again for your interest and support of our mission work! Frederick for all the Hendersons --------------------------------------------------------------------- [1] http://henderson-meier.org/us_prayerletters/2014-06-Henderson_Prayerletter.pdf ...Continue Reading

- Henderson's December 2013 Prayer Letter

December 17th 2013

Hi All and an early Merry Christmas! You can download our latest prayerletter [1]here. All God's Blessings for the New year in 2014! Frederick for the Hendersons --------------------------------------------------------------------- [1] http://henderson-meier.org/us_prayerletters/2013-12-Henderson_Prayerletter.pdf ...Continue Reading

- December 2012, Mailed Prayer Letter

December 19th 2012

Hi Friends! We just sent out a prayer letter by mail today. If you did not get it or if you want to read it right away you can download it online [1]here. Also included with this prayer letter is a copy of our [2]newest prayer card. If you receive a letter by mail but would prefer to only receive updates via email just let us know. Thanks again for your interest in our ministry! A Merry Christmas to you and yours and a Blessed New Year in 2013! Blessings, Frederick Henderson ...Continue Reading

- Open invitation to all in Ohio

June 18th 2012

Hi to all that live in Ohio! This goes out to all those who live in Ohio, or may be passing through, to come hear me speak about the ministry of Christians meeting Muslims (CM). I will be speaking to our US mission, [1]Interlink Ministries' board and staff in the [2]Broken Rocks Cafe and Bakery in downtown Wooster, OH. The presentation will be on Friday June 29, 2012 and will begin at 7:30pm. Thanks to [3]Interlink Ministries for opening this meeting up to the public. Please drop me ...Continue Reading

- Book Offer - Ask Your Muslim Friend

June 18th 2012

Hi friends! In just over one week I will be flying to the US to start a furlough there. I am very busy wrapping things up here and also organizing meetings for furlough. Some of you I am sure have Muslim neighbors, co-worker, etc. that you come into contact with during your every day life. I wanted to make you aware of a resource that you can use to help you in your meetings with Muslims. Dr. Andreas Maurer one of the founders of our mission, Christians meeting Muslims (CM) has written s ...Continue Reading

- US Furlough coming up!

May 29th 2012

Hi praying friends! You are praying, right? We do appreciate your prayers for us. Yesterday was a holiday, Pentecost Monday, here in Switzerland. Thursday the 18th of May was also a holiday to celebrate Jesus ascension back into heaven. With so many Swiss holidays that are tied to the Christian faith you would think that Switzerland has many that are Christians but sad fact is that in many countries like the USA and Switzerland we live in a post Christian era where a secular society drives th ...Continue Reading
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