About the Hendersons

Our story (the short version)

Frederick grew up in western Pennsylvania in the USA on a Dairy Farm. Marlies grew up in Zürich Oberland in Switzerland where her parents had a bicycle shop and gas station. They met on the island of Bonaire in the Caribbean were they were both working for Trans World Radio. Marlies worked in the studios putting programs on the air and doing production work. Frederick worked in studio and transmitter maintenance to start with. Later he worked in the auditioning department listening and editing programs before they went on the air.

Frederick and Marlies were married in 1996 in Marlies' home town of Bäretswil Switzerland. Their children Oliver and Alice were both born on Bonaire. In 2000 TWR transfer the Hendersons to the African Regional Office in Johannesburg, South Africa. There Frederick worked with the transmitter program schedules as a Programme Administrator and then later on once again in the Auditioning Department.

Health-wise the Johannesburg area was not good for the Henderson's health. Marlies and the kids especially did not do well with the polluted air. Headaches, bronchitis and pneumonia were what they dealt with heath-wise there.

In 2003 the Hendersons moved to the island of Roatán, Honduras to work with Radio HRGS a ministry of Bible Basics International (BBI). Frederick was the station technician. Marlies did the bookkeeping.

In 2009 the Hendersons moved to Marlies' home town of Bäretswil, Switzerland to help her aging parents. Frederick continued to work with BBI on websites like the one for Radio HRGS.

In 2011 Frederick started work on the website and database for Christen begegnen Muslimen(Christians meeting Muslims)(CM). Frederick works on a team that works to reach Muslims for Christ in Switzerland and to train Christian how they can reach out to their Muslim neighbors.

We thank all that have been apart of our ministry over the years and made our ministry possible!